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Children Hotline service received over 1,300 queries in the first quarter

15-04-2020, 15:30

“Azerbaijan Children Hotline” Service, established on the initiative and with the support of Azercell Telecom LLC, has released a report on its activities in the first quarter of 2020. Thus, despite the quarantine regime applied as a part of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, the service has not stopped working for a single day, as the service team members continue their activities at home.

Reportedly, “Children Hotline” service received a total of 1,313 calls during the first quarter of this year, of which 411 were made in January, 438 in February and 464 in March. Most of the queries, specifically 625, were related to education. The remaining calls related to social (114 cases), psychological (118 cases), legal (199 cases), health (98 cases) and other (159 cases) matters. 692 calls were made by girls while the remaining 612 were received from boys. Depending on the nature of the appeals, some called the service more than once. Unlike previous years, the service observed an increase in the number of appeals in March.

During its operation for about 10 years, “Children Hotline” service has gained considerable trust among both children and adolescents, as well as the public. During the reported period, the representatives of Hotline service arranged meetings with 76 families on the basis of queries, while sending letters to 44 relevant addresses. In addition, employees of the service regularly spoke in local media outlets and actively participated in awareness-raising initiatives aimed at protection of children's rights.

“Children Hotline” service is aimed at providing children in need with social service, preliminary psychological and legal assistance, emotional support, as well as counselling for the range of issues. The service also forwards queries to relevant rehabilitation centers or other institutions when needed.  

Notably, calls to 24/7 “Children Hotline” service operating with the support of Azercell Telecom and "Ümidli Gələcək" Public Union are free of charge from both landline and Azercell numbers. All information received by “Children Hotline” service is maintained confidential.

At present, short number 116111 of the service is forwarded to the mobile number, and calls are answered on 7/24 basis by operators. The service can be reached by dialing the following numbers: (012) 480 22 80, (050) 680 22 80, (051) 880 11 80, (051) 880 22 80 and (051) 580 22 80.

In order to provide prompt assistance to the applicants amid the quarantine regime, the service will be promoted through social media channels in the coming period.

For more information about “Children Hotline” service, please visit www.usaqxetti.az.