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Baku Higher Oil School, South Korean company HMC successfully complete research project

30-12-2019, 13:30

Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) hosted a meeting with a delegation from the Republic of Korea consisting of representatives of the company HMC and Kyungsung University.

The meeting was attended by BHOS Rector Elmar Gasimov; the head of the delegation, HMC Vice-President Pak Gabzhu; the professors of the Electronic Engineering Department of Kungsung University, Pak Changsik and Dong Hee Lee; the responsible employees of BHOS.
The meeting participants discussed the results obtained upon completion of the research project for the development of aCCTV-based primary gas detection & access monitoring system, jointly implemented by HMC, KyungsungUniversity and the Process Automation Engineering Department of BHOS with grant support from the Republic of Korea.

The aim of the project is to create a system capable of detecting even the smallest gas leaks with the help of the latest-generation surveillance cameras. The system will help companies to save their money by preventing gas losses.
This system was tested at the compressor stations of SOCAR’s Gas Export Department. A 3D model of the station was integrated into the center located at Baku Higher Oil School.

Welcoming the guests, Elmar Gasimovsaid that he was glad to see representatives of the company HMC and KyungsungUniversity again at Baku Higher Oil School.The rector noted that within the framework of the project, a center equipped with equipment from HMC has been operating on the BHOS campus for more than a year.

“This center works on the basis of joint research projects of Kyungsung University and Baku Higher Oil School.I think that the project has beensuccessfully completed, and we are interested in the implementation of the next phase,” the rector said.
HMC Vice-President Pak Gabzhunoted that thanks to the cooperation with BHOS, this system was successfully tested in Azerbaijan and that at the next stage of the project, end products will be launched to the market.

“The equipment has been successfully tested in Korea.This equipment was installed at the Electricity Department of Korea and Seoul Metro, as a result of which an efficient infrastructure was created.Currently, we are working on the provision of infrastructure services,” Pak Gabzhu said, adding that HMC wants to open its branch in Azerbaijan.

The company HMC, founded in 1997, specializes in 4.0 industrial systems and artificial intelligence.
Note that a Memorandum of Understanding was concluded between BHOS and HMC.The document was signed by Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimovand President of the company HMC Park Hack Joo.