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Operative Task Force discloses its recommendations to Azerbaijani citizens abroad

23-03-2020, 16:54

The Operative Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers has disseminated an information, the Operative Task Force told BAKU.NEWS.

Most international flights have been suspended due to the coronovirus pandemic bearing a global nature, the inter-state borders have been closed, the countries have switched over to special quarantine and emergency situation regime.

As a result, hundred thousands of passengers worldwide have had to stay in various countries. The closure of air and lands space for flights by a number of countries has made more difficult the obtaining of flight permits. In the practices of most countries of the world including the Western European states, the return to their native countries of the citizens not having been sent on business trip by the government, traveling by personal initiative despite of warnings and having decided to live or receive education in other country is considered a personal responsibility and is carried out at the expense of their personal funds.

The Azerbaijan Republic being guided by the principle of taking care of its citizens has ensured bringing back in the country of about 10,000 Azerbaijani citizens being in Iran, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, Belarus, Russia and other countries at public expense by AZAL’s special charter flights and other transport facilities.

In order to prevent spread of COVID-19 virus, the citizens brought back to the country are taken through medical examination and are placed under special 14-21 days quarantine regime at public expense.

The Operative Task Force states that despite all these measures, currently there are 61 active coronavirus patients in Azerbaijan. So far, the citizens returning from abroad prevail among the cases of infection with COVID-19 virus. The cases of domestic spread of the disease on the territory of Azerbaijan have also been detected already.

When bringing back the Azerbaijani citizens from abroad in the framework of the measures of prevention of spread of coronavirus on the country’s territory, the people acceptance (accommodation) capacity of the stations allocated for quarantine in Azerbaijan are taken as a basis. Taking into consideration the highly rapid infection ability of the COVID-19 virus, we strictly recommend the Azerbaijani citizens being in foreign countries to demonstrate personal responsibility and to accurately abide to the quarantine or emergency situation (curfew) regimes of the states of their temporary stay, to isolate themselves, to abstain from traveling and to get in contact with as less people as possible".