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Temporary addition to salaries of doctors, participating in fight against coronavirus infection, determined

25-03-2020, 19:18

Cabinet of Minister has adopted a decision "On temporary addition to salaries of medical employees, participating in the fight against new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection", BAKU.NEWS reports.

Amount of the temporary additions to salaries of employees, working in state-run medical institutions, has been determined as following:
- employees, carring out medical-preventive measures - in the amount of threefold of their monthly salary;

- emergent medical assistance employees, as well as laboratory employees, dealing with examination of biological material, and employees of Institute of anatomical pathology and forensic medical examination and Food Safety Institution of Azerbaijan - in the amount of fourfold their monthly salary;

- delivering stationary medical assistance to patients - in the amount of fivefold of their monthly salary.
Mentioned temporary addition is paid for March 1, 2020 - June 1, 2020 in relevance with working time.