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Baku police fine 1,499 drivers for breaching quarantine rules

7-04-2020, 12:09

Baku Main State Traffic Police Department has informed about the work done from April 6 to 7 in connection with the strict nationwide quarantine regime to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection.

During that period, the police have charged 1,499 road users, 861 in Baku, under the Article 211 of the Code on Administrative Offences of the Azerbaijani Republic for breaking the quarantine, the Police Department told BAKU.NEWS.

Since April 1, the police have fined a total of 6,945 drivers and passengers for non-compliance with the quarantine rules.

Baku police recommend the public not to leave their homes if not necessary and without proper permission and urges every citizen to strictly follow the rules of the quarantine regime in the country.