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Hande Harmanci: “If quarantine regime eliminated at once, infection cases can intensify again”

24-04-2020, 14:57

“The initial evidence show sensitivity of most people of the world to coronavirus. But this is a new virus, so far we haven’t encountered such a pandemic. Currently, there is no idea of what exactly should be done. But a number of organizations in the world have come together to work on this issue”, said Hande Harmanci, the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Azerbaijan at the virtual press conference of that institution, BAKU.NEWS reports.

 She said in the fight against the virus, the system should be ready for 6 steps: 

“1. Detection of each infection case; 2. Isolation of the infected patients; 3. Conducting tests in regard to suspicious cases; 4. Taking care of each patient; 5. Tracking of contact cases regarding the people infected with the virus and application of quarantine; 6. Involvement of people in the implemented works and conducting of awareness-raising campaign in this area”.