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Today's flower moon will be final supermoon of the year

7-05-2020, 15:07

The final supermoon of the year, rounding out a trio of spring supermoons that began in March, will occur during May's full moon. The big, bright moon will appear full-fledged on the morning of May 7 at 6:45 a.m. ET, according to NASA.

The full moon will be visible from the evening of May 6 until the morning of May 8.

This supermoon comes on the heels of the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year in April, but it's still more spectacular than a typical full moon.

Supermoons occur when the moon is within 90% of perigee - which is its closest approach to Earth in orbit. The moon will appear brighter and more prominent in the night sky, and hopefully, no clouds and inclement weather will obscure the view.

The supermoon will be visible to people around the world from dusk until dawn.