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Air temperature to fall 4-7C - WARNING

8-05-2020, 13:09

On May 9-11, the northwest wind in Baku and on the Absheron peninsula is expected to be 15-18 m/s, occasionally intensify to 20-23 m/s, and up to 25 m/s in some places of the peninsula.

According to the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, rain and lightning are expected in some places on May 10. The temperature will drop 4-7C.

In the same period, the weather in Azerbaijan’s regions will be instable and rainy. The rain will intensify in the northern and western districts. Lightning is expected in some places. Hail and snow are forecasted in mountainous areas. West wind will blow at 15-20 m/s, intensify up to 23-28 m/s in some places. The temperature will fall 4-7C. Flood is expected in some mountainous rivers of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus.