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Hande Harmanci: "No need to be afraid of second wave of COVID-19"

22-05-2020, 10:24

"Question about the second wave is often asked, and I always say that there is no need to be afraid of the second wave of the coronavirus," said Dr. Hande Harmanci, Representative of the World Health Organization in Azerbaijan, at a press conference on the preliminary results of the REACT-C19 project, BAKU.NEWS reports.

According to her, a single and huge wave is more dangerous: “We can be considered protected from a single huge wave currently. It is possible to see whether there is a wave or not due to an increase of the number of infected people after softening by only looking back. There is an increase so far, that is why individual works of people should be continued. Now we should follow rules while waiting for the vaccine and appropriate treatment. Masks, hand hygiene, physical distance should be continued until at least the end of the year.”