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Ibrahim Mammadov: "Resumption of international flights don’t depend just on Azerbaijan”

29-05-2020, 18:16

Resumption of international flights don’t depend just on Azerbaijan”, said Ibrahim Mammadov, head of press service of the Cabinet of Ministers at the press conference organized by the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers today, BAKU.NEWS reports.

I. Mammadov said the restriction imposed on entry into and exit from Azerbaijan has been extended until June 15: “If the international flights are resumed, then we should have a mechanism of mutual recognition of the documents related to passing through coronavirus test issued by other countries. In other words, the person having passed quarantine in Azerbaijan wouldn’t have to pass quarantine again in Turkey. This is an important point regarding the return from other countries to Azerbaijan".

I.Mammadov also noted that on May 27, 124 people were brought to Azerbaijan from Moscow by a charter flight.