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Fines, suggested for violation of requirements regarding use of masks during quarantine regime, announced

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30-05-2020, 14:09

"The World Health Organization has recommended use of a medical mask. An amendment, suggested for the violation of requirements regarding use of medical mask has been discussed at the online meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Legal Policy and State Building", member of the Committee on Legal Policy and State Building Kamal Jafarov told BAKU.NEWS.

The project has been recommended for the plenary meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament (Milli Majlis).

Note that according to the amendment, suggested to the Code of Administrative Offenses, physical entities will be fined in the amount of AZN 50, authoritative persons AZN 100, while legal entities AZN 200 due to violation of requirements, determined by relevant executive bodies regarding the use of individual means, protecting respiratory system, as well as non-prevention of violation of these requirements by authoritative persons during periods of anti-epidemics, sanitary-hygiene and quarantine regimes. Physical entities will be fined in the amount of AZN 100, authoritative persons AZN 200, while legal entities AZN 400 due to the recommitment of the offense by the reprimanded person from the date of the decision on the administrative reprimand comes into force until the end of the period of anti-epidemics, sanitary-hygiene and quarantine regimes.

K. Jafarov noted that he considers correct the necessity of use of medical mask: “Because some people don’t know they have virus in their body while being a virus carrier. In such a case, they may unknowingly infect other people as well. The main purpose of use of the medical mask is not to infect the surrounding people with the virus unknowingly. A number of opinions exist in the society telling that the medical mask doesn’t prevent spread of virus, and the expensive masks with special respirator should be used. But these opinions are wrong. The doctors think that even an ordinary medical mask reduces virus spreading risk by up to 90 percent. Therefore I request our citizens to comply with the decisions adopted by the Task Force under the Cabinet of Ministers for the sake of their personal health and the common welfare of the community”.