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AZAL: Only women’s handbags or men's briefcases are allowed in the cabin

19-06-2020, 13:17

The National Air Carrier of Azerbaijan (“AZAL”) amended its rules for carriage of carry-on luggage during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the new rules, carry-on luggage is not allowed on board an aircraft.

These changes apply to all passengers traveling by domestic and international flights.

In pursuing this measure, the airline tries to minimize lines in the cabin and ensure unobstructed boarding of passengers.

According to the new rules introduced by AZAL, only women’s handbags or men's briefcases, as well as items necessary for children, are allowed as carry-on luggage. Other baggage including paper and plastic bags must be checked to be transported in the cargo hold of aircraft.

Purchases made at Duty Free stores are also not allowed on board an aircraft.