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The number of ABAD food-stands increasing

18-08-2020, 11:40

In pursuance of reaching out to the wider audiences, ABAD public legal entity continues to increase the number of its food stalls. A new ABAD in-store shop launched in “Bravo” market within the Chocolate Tower.

Thus, the number of in-store shops and food-stands totalled 8 together with the last and newly launched shop:

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Koroghlu;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Ahmadli;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” 20 January;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Ganjlik Mall;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Babek Ave;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” 28 Mall;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” Deniz Mall;

- “ABAD” in-store shop – “Bravo” chocolate Tower.

This should be noted that the all-natural, artisanal food products made by “ABAD” families coming from various economic zones of the country can be obtained at all these shops.

Furthermore, we made shopping easy for you! You can order ABAD products online through @abadfood IG account and BakuMart App.  Forget searching through store after store!